Vladimir Guerrero Jr. wants to finish his career in Toronto, but did not receive an offer from the Blue Jays

The last few weeks have been intense for Vladimir Guerrero Jr. The Blue Jays first baseman entered arbitration with his club for less than $2 million.

He asked for $19.9 million in 2024, the club offered $18.05 million…and won.

Then he too was under the microscope because of his physical form. We know that he is in better shape than ever and that he is clearly hungry for the 2024 season.

But there's still one aspect to think about: He'll make $19.9 million in 2024, get a raise in 2025 … and become a free agent.

Bo Bichette will be free as air at the same time.

Obviously, extending the Montreal native's contract or allowing him to exercise his autonomy are important questions to ask. And the circumstances of recent years should also be kept in mind.

Why? Because arbitration leaves its mark. Because his 2022 and 2023 seasons did not live up to expectations.

But also because offers to stay are needed. And according to what a major interested party told ESPN's Enrique Rojas, he has yet to receive an offer.

The chief noted that he does not blame the club for the arbitration and wants to stay in Toronto for the rest of his career.

We assume that there were negotiations, but I am not surprised that there was no offer from the club. Why?

Because Vladdy did not use his potential for two years.

In fact, during his five-year career, he only dominated in 2021. He must have demands that match his potential.

If the club is not yet convinced that they want to go there, we can understand why there hasn't been an offer yet. As long as you're making an insignificant offer in the eyes of the player clan, you might as well not make it.

Next year, he will have a year of autonomy. It might be hard to convince him not to test his market value at this point… especially if he plays well in 2024 and 2025.

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