Western Colorado Basic Science Fair

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) – Science from great young minds captured our curiosity as local elementary school students competed at this year's Western Colorado Basic Science Fair at the EUREKA! McConnell Museum of Science. The science fair had entries from all over the Grand Valley, and this year was one of the largest. This latest edition shows a significant increase in participation compared to last year. One hundred and thirty students presented over 80 works, in contrast to last year's 104 students with 64 works.

Students used the scientific method, formulated testable questions, designed experiments, and analyzed data to conclude their hypotheses. There were diverse projects that explored topics such as the influence of building shape on earthquake resistance or everyday curiosities such as the melting point of different types of chocolate.

We talked to Joely Anysz, EUREKA! coordinator of the science fair, and said that this was her first year of holding the event, and it exceeded her expectations. “…this is my first year leading it. And so I was obviously very nervous and stressed. But I really had a great time. And it was really fantastic just to see all the kids here and come together to show off their projects that they've been working on for a really long time…”

Students of the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades took part in the fair, and each grade had a competitor for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place who were awarded a medal and a gift bag.

5th grade

  • 1st Place: Dawson Hamaker
  • 2nd place: Luke and Max Bagley
  • 3rd place: Julia Stephen

4th grade

  • 1st Place: Miles Goforth
  • 2nd Place: Natalie Faith Bailey
  • 3rd place: Autumn Power

3rd grade

  • 1st Place: Chris Lee
  • 2nd place: Noah George
  • 3rd Place: Noah Frame

We also had the opportunity to interview some of the awardees live.

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