What is the minimum pension for 2024 for partial service?

To help pensioners affected by inflation, the minimum pension has been increased. Good news for insured persons who have a good and long work experience, but also those who have incomplete work experience.

The beginning of 2024 promises to be bright for the retired French. Indeed, those on Aspa, minimum or family pension have seen a positive change in their pensions since January. All minimum wages have been increased, which is good news for pensioners. For those who contributed every quarter, the question of payment does not arise. What about those with unfinished careers? We have the answer.

What changes concern the minimum pension?

What is the minimum pension?

The minimum pension is the minimum amount defined by the plan and allows you to tick a number of criteria in order to receive a pension that is no lower than this amount. There are three types of minimum pension: the guaranteed minimum for civil servants, the minimum pension for tradesmen, craftsmen and former private sector employees. In addition to these three minimums, you also have the old minimum age called Aspa. It is more of a benefit than a pension.

Mechanism for relief of pensioners

Inflation raging in France continues to weigh on households, especially people on low incomes after retirement. Some of these retirees worked little, while others had an interrupted career. They have a common point in the amount of contributions fixed at low wages. Fortunately, a solidarity mechanism has been established in France to supplement the funds of these pensioners, which we told you about in a recent article.

Increase due to pension reform

The pension reform of 2023 made it possible to achieve a minimum pension corresponding to 85% of the minimum salary, i.e. 1200 euros. Furthermore, this minimum wage was increased on January 1 of this year. The law signed in April 2023 increases two minimum contribution thresholds. The increased contribution minimum increased by around one hundred euros to 847.57 euros, and the basic contribution minimum by 25 euros to 709.14 euros.

What are the minimum pensions?

The case of civil servants

For employees in the public sector, the pension amount increased on January 1, 2024 is 1,325.01 euros if they have paid all their quarters. If at the time of retirement the pension is lower than this amount, it will increase until it is reached. For those who have not paid all their quarters, the guaranteed minimum will be calculated on a case-by-case basis. At this point we will consider the number of years in service. To benefit from it, you won't have to take any steps, everything is automatic.

What are the conditions for obtaining the lowest civil servant pension?

In order to receive the guaranteed minimum as a civil servant, you must meet the following conditions. You must have a disability pension for a disabled spouse, disabled child or disabled civil servant. The pensioner must also have a disability pension of professional origin or not. This may include early retirement due to terminal illness or infirmity, early retirement as a civil servant with at least 50% disability, or retirement as a parent of a disabled child.

How much for a person who has never worked?

In 2024, the special allowance for the elderly (Aspa) increased by more than 5%. This is 1012.02 euros per month for a person living alone and 1571.16 euros per month for a couple. This benefit is paid to all people over 65 living in France who have limited means. It should be known that it is intended for people who have worked little or have not worked at all.

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