why are my 2023 quarters not shown on my career statement?

It is updated once a year, your career statement provides you with essential information to monitor your professional activityespecially with regard to your pension. Therefore, it summarizes the rights acquired in different mandatory pension schemes., regardless of whether you are an employee or not, to which you have been affiliated since the beginning of your career. It is therefore aboutan essential document that allows you to best prepare for your retirement or take advantage of the early departure. If you just consulted him at the beginning of the year, therefore you can see that your 2023 quarters are not shown. Is this normal?

On your career statement, you have access to three types of information : quarters of acquired contributions, annual income from which old-age contributions are paid, but also the nature of the activity period. Each year worked gives the right to a certain number of quarters : an accumulation that is useful for determining the age at which you can take full retirement. Therefore, it can be aboutan age other than the legal departure age in case of periods of inactivity, disability or long years of study.

Retirement: Missing quarters in 2023?

At the beginning of the year, if you want to review your paid or confirmed quarters, you may, for example, see your career ending at the end of 2022. Rest assured, this is not a bug or error. So, the fact that your quarters from last year have not been counted yet is not a cause for concern.

As our colleagues from MoneyVox explain, Cnav itself informs on its website that “the current year may not appear in your career summary”. In this case, “it will carry over to the next year”. However, there is no indication as to which year those quarters will carry over.

Retirement: Update planned soon

On the Agirc-Arrco side, weather has been the same problem ever since the supplementary pension plan explains that “the points earned for the business year are entered at the end of the following year at the latest”.

Recently, Pension Insurance published a news story to warn that “the quarters you accrued in 2023 have not yet been reported in the Get My Retirement Age service. Although this service is separate from your career report, it is based on the information available to Cnav through the prism of your career report.

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