“Why shouldn't I end my career at Le Mans…”

The French champion with Le Mans in 2018 (played there from 2016 to 2019), Wilfried Yeguete (32 years old) returned to the club four years after he left it and went through Monaco and Limoges. Interview for France Basket and Le Quotidien Du Sport.

It's always hard to go back to where you won. Did you hesitate before saying yes to Le Mans?

I had a great experience at Le Mans with three great seasons. They took an early interest in me. There was a possibility to play in the European Cup, I knew GM well, so my decision was quick. It is a club that has undergone a lot of changes since 2018, but is a stable club in the elite.

Weren't you afraid that your return would arouse great expectations?

I don't think so because the club has changed and evolved over the past five years, and so have I. I knew where I was going. I don't think there are too many expectations from me because the context is different. Expectations are lower compared to Le Mans, big clubs are ahead of us. I come with a different status, I have more experience, a different role as well.

What are the differences?

In 2018, I was young, I was inspired by experienced players who could lead a group like Romeo Travis, Mikal Riley, Papa Philippe Amagou. Today I am the only player who is over 30 years old, I belong to the ranks of experienced players.

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“Why shouldn't I end my career here”

You have been named captain. What kind of captain are you?

I know how to listen. I let my teammates express themselves, that's very important. I have to make sure that everyone feels good within the group. To be effective in the field, the group must live well.

Can you win a second title with Le Mans?

We hope and believe in it. The goal is to qualify for the play-offs and try to win the title between the Leaders Cup, the Coupe de France, the championship, even if it will be difficult to beat the big teams in the series. In a match it is possible, but in a series it is more complicated.

Could you end your career at Le Mans?

That. I can finish here, I feel good. But not everything depends on me, there is the financial aspect, various changes, my form. A lot comes into play, we can't really plan in such a long term.

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