A Better Life: Morgane breaks through the ice, Ariane puts her career on the line, Patrick makes a dark discovery… This is the recap for the week of February 19, 2024 (SPOILERS) – TV News

This week on “A Better Life, Even Better”… Morgane finally confessed her feelings to Jules, Patrick witnessed a serious event, and Ariane protected Zoé's secret at the expense of her job.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for episodes 31 to 35 Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle. If you don't want to know anything about what happened to the characters this week, don't read on!

Week of February 19, in A more beautiful life, even more beautiful

Morgane opens her heart

After a drunken end to Valentine's Day, Morgane was looking for an excuse to justify her kiss with Jules. After making the young man believe that she was fully conscious, she told him that she considered him a “friend”. A statement that was not to the taste of the director in question.

Finally, after talking to Nismo, Morgane realized that she might indeed lose Jules if she continued to deny her feelings. Therefore, she took courage in both hands and confessed her love to the young man. The least we can say is that she was right to break the ice, because this budding love is mutual. After the kiss, Jules and Morgane spent the night together.

The next day, after her shift, Morgane rushed to her boyfriend's house. As usual, she really enjoyed teasing him and even offered him handcuffs. A physical game that immediately seduced Jules. The two inseparables were so busy that they forgot to answer the messages of their friends Steve and Nisma. One thing is for sure, Jules and Morgane got along well.

Ariane takes a risk

This week in A more beautiful life, even more beautiful, Ariane revealed the identity of Zoé's accomplice: Louis Robbie. That same day, she learned some very big news: there was a 99.9998% chance that she was Zoé's biological mother. At that moment, Ariane decided to do everything to protect her daughter, even if it meant jeopardizing her career as a police officer.

The next day, Ariane was unpleasantly surprised to find Zoé missing. She warned her colleague Jean-Paul, who decided to help her. Meanwhile, he discovered that Zoé was none other than Louis Robbie's accomplice. He was angry with Ariane for keeping the truth from him, but he agreed to keep it a secret.

Ariane finally found Zoé's trail. The policewoman first tried to reason with her, but the teenager did not want to listen. She threatened her mother with suicide if she reported her to the police. Panicked by such comments, Ariane decided to remain silent, risking losing her job.

While Zoé and Louis managed to steal Mrs. Kepler's necklace, Ariane did everything to keep her daughter from being discovered. His plan: to convince his colleagues that Louis acted alone.

The next day, Eric, his best friend, informed him that Zoé and her accomplice planned to go to Costa Rica, on a cargo ship. Ariane, Eric and Jean-Paul therefore went to the port of Marseille that same evening and managed to arrest Louis while he was trying to escape. Unfortunately, Zoe was not with him.

During the questioning of the accused, Ariane learned that her daughter had to leave for Costa Rica that very morning. Indeed, Louis sacrificed himself so that the young girl would not go to prison. Ariane hurried to the port hoping to keep Zoé. The teenager agreed to stay, but is her decision irrevocable?

Patrick witnesses the tragedy

This week, on the TF1 diary, Patrick was injured while chasing a man who was trying to steal a scooter in the street. Despite the pain, he decided to continue his work as if nothing had happened. As a result, two days later, he had to consult urgently. The verdict: a sprain that earned him three long weeks off work.

For Patrick, who is very hyperactive, it was a cold shower. The policeman therefore tried to pass the time, alone in his large apartment. He finally decided to listen to the advice of Thomas, who came to bring him lunch: to sit quietly in front of the window and examine the small habits of his neighbors.

Playing voyeur, Patrick discovered the couple having a heated argument. Suddenly his phone rang and he got up to answer. At the same time, he heard a shot in the distance. A woman who was arguing with her husband was just shot in the middle of the chest. As he rushed to call 911, Patrick fell to the ground. Is he unconscious? The answer in the next episodes A more beautiful life, even more beautiful.

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