Benjamin Castaldi: his son Simon Castaldi wants to continue his career!

Simon Castaldi recently revealed that he intends to follow in his father's footsteps when it comes to his career! Benjamin Castaldi had an amazing career in the world of television. In particular, he hosted big shows like Loft Story. Or even The Secret Story. For his part, his son Simon Castaldi decided to follow in … Read more

Career development advisor needed at Vision Travail

The organization Vision Travail offers personalized professional support, adapted to the specific needs of each person. With a dynamic and innovative approach, it combines interactive workshops and individual coaching, supported by a team of dedicated professionals. Participants benefit from a range of services to facilitate their professional transition, including skills assessment, CV preparation, mock interviews … Read more

GSF, Cometz… the best employers in business services, according to their employees

Switchboard, reception of visitors, cleaning or security, sales animation… It is not easy for companies in charge of subcontracting this type of service to keep their teams, with rarely qualified positions that can sometimes be the first job, uncertain contracts and modest compensation. Compared to last year, half of the listed companies are new. Among … Read more

This young actor could have become a world star, but this movie ruined Jake Lloyd's career – Cinema News

Playing the young Anakin Skywalker in Episode I of the Star Wars saga, Jake Lloyd suddenly gained international fame. But that's where his film career ended. In 1999, 15 years after seeing Darth Vader die in the arms of his son Luke at the end of Return of the Jedi, fans of the Star Wars … Read more

According to employees, employers underestimate these skills

Soft skills are those “soft skills” that we have heard a lot about in the world of work in recent years, without really knowing what they mean. Clearly, it is about all human, emotional, relational and behavioral qualities that a person has acquired thanks to his education or his experiences, personal and professional. With the … Read more

INTERVIEW. “Woodstock remains an incredible memory”: Ten years after returning to Tarn in his 60-year career

the important thing From Woodstock to San Francisco, the blues rock group was founded in 1964. After performing in Gaillac in 2017, the British quartet Ten years after returns to Tarn for the “Cap sur Cap” festival on March 16. Ric Lee, the group's iconic drummer, recalls with nostalgia his rock and roll tours in … Read more

No, Johnny Depp didn't start his career in Tim Burton's film – Cinema News

In 1984, a very young Johnny Depp took his first acting steps in the classic of horror cinema “The Claws of the Night”, Freddy Krueger's first nightmare. A look back at the beginnings marked by excitement. Did you know that Johnny Depp made his debut on the great horror classic? Then barely 20 years old, … Read more

A scandal that could destroy Nic Pizzolatto's Hollywood career

HBO's True Detective immediately attracted attention from the very beginning, when Nic Pizzolatto began the first season of the series starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. The story, performances and every little detail were praised by both critics and audiences. The series quickly spawned second seasons, but none could measure up to the first. Then … Read more