Young people exposed to science at a shopping center in Winnipeg

A fun activity at Place Kildonan Shopping Center on Sunday allowed youngsters to discover and learn about electrical engineering and geology. Participants could stimulate their imagination through the assembly and construction of structures. They also revived objects made of uranium plates. The initiative, led by the Manitoba Association of Engineers and Geoscientists, aims to encourage … Read more

After 4 years of study, science is unanimous about the benefits that telecommuting has on us

The rest after this ad During the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies introduced remote work in order to continue operating. Although since then, fortunately, the closure is no longer relevant, the practice has continued, but above all become more democratized – although it still has its detractors. After 4 years of study, science is unanimous: remote … Read more

The Ministry of Science publishes new criteria for ranking universities

TEHRAN – The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology announced new criteria for ranking universities in the country based on the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) index. The new criteria relate to 'students, culture and society', as well as 'governance and productivity', IRIB quoted Ahmad Fazelzadeh, head of the ISC, as saying. Education (25 … Read more

The autonomy of political science at the center of a public conference

The Law and Political Science Laboratory (LDSP) of the Thomas Sankara University (UTS) organized a public conference on Saturday 16 March 2024 at the Joseph KI ZERBO University in Ouagadougou on “Political Science: An Autonomous Discipline? “. It was led mainly by Professor Marie BOKA, Associate Professor of Political Science at Félix Houphouët-Boigny University in … Read more

The film that launched a major sci-fi franchise is now available on Prime Video

Directed by Roland Emmerich (Independence Day), this iconic film with James Spader (Black list on Netflix) and Kurt Russell (Fast and furious) has joined the Prime Video catalog. An opportunity to immerse yourself in a science fiction universe based on interplanetary travel to the four corners of the galaxy. The rest below this ad More … Read more

The science is simple: what is microelectronics?

Microelectronic devices are an integral part of modern life, whose core transistors enable significant technological advances. Researchers now face the challenge of creating new microelectronics capable of faster and more sustainable data processing. What is microelectronics? Microelectronic devices, such as microchips in computers and cell phones, process and store information. They are essential to our … Read more

researchers discover an artificial intelligence-based atomic manufacturing technique

NUS scientists have created a new method for producing quantum materials at the atomic level using artificial intelligence, providing a significant advance in the control and production of these materials for research and practical applications. This method, which incorporates the CARP concept, demonstrates the potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionize atomic manufacturing and quantum materials … Read more

Funny science or how to intelligently satisfy company employees

Entrepreneurship – funny science or how to intelligently satisfy company employees Show summary Hide summary A proven concept that appeals to CSEs and HR managers In 2007, the concept was introduced in France. It very quickly attracted individuals, schools and municipalities, but also companies (HRD and CSE) to organize events for employees' families, especially for … Read more