Amanda Lear reveals how she turned down an indecent offer from an American producer

This Saturday, February 17, Amanda Lear was the guest of host Aurélie Casse at C weekly. In this interview, the actress spoke about the rude offer she refused from the American producer, which would have cost her her career in the USA.

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Amanda Lear opens the story of “unpleasant experience”. The 84-year-old actress rose to fame in the 1960s as a model, before turning to singing. Then she announced the title Follow me, a song that the luxury brand Chanel used in an ad that brings them a lot of money. However, Amanda Lear claimed that she has “no money” because she tends to spend everything. The actress is currently on stage at the Théâtre Libre in Paris with a play Old woman's money which will be played until April 21.

“It was very humiliating,” Amanda Lear talks about how she was treated as a model

This Saturday, February 17, Amanda Lear was the guest of host Aurélie Casse at C weekly to talk about his new project on stage and on this occasion to return to his multifaceted career. During this interview, the host asked her about the Me Too movement, and she wanted to know if she ever had one “feel like prey” or “endure certain behaviors”. “Not anymore! I think I passed…”she explained before confirming that she had already dealt with problematic behavior. “It's normal in show business… You know when you choose this profession, even as a model, even before doing cinema and theater, When I was a model, girls were treated like objects. Be beautiful and stop talking! When I opened my mouth: 'Shut up', 'Show your teeth', 'Smile'. We had nothing to say! We were painting girls. And it was very humiliatingshe confided on the set.

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“He directs me to the bedroom”Amanda Lear reveals that she received grossly inappropriate advances from an American producer that cost her her career across the Atlantic

The actress then revealed that she had been receiving grossly inappropriate advances from a “a major American film producer” In New York. “Jeffrey Epstein of that time with a mustache, a cigar… He called me to do some testing. Later he called me and said: 'I have your test results, we'll talk about it, come see me in my suite at the Plaza Hotel.' So at three in the afternoon I rang his doorbell, and he answered the door in his pajamas! And there he directs me towards the bedroom… So, okay, I get it! I left !she said and concluded: “If I wanted a career in Hollywood, maybe I should have stayed, but that means the end of my career in Hollywood.”. Amanda Lear said she immediately sensed danger and decided to escape the situation. “But undoubtedly there are many women who would fall into the trap…”she concluded sadly.

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