Camille Lellouche, consequences of pregnancy on career: “No one offers me anything…”

Camille Lellouche with an open heart. Close to his fans, the artist shares his life and his struggles with his 2.8 million Instagram subscribers through humorous videos. But for the conversation with her daughter Alma, who is now one and a half years old, the singer who was spotted by The Voice preferred to write the book Tell You Everything. He tells his story honestly. When asked by Stéphanie Thibault, journalist of Current Woman magazine, Camille Lellouche spoke about the consequences of her pregnancy. “You explain how becoming a mother has changed your life, but you also say, 'You could have another one right now and your career is over.' Is motherhood still an obstacle to women's careers? » asked the journalist. – When I'm pregnant, nothing is offered to me – the actress admitted without a hair on her tongue.

Career on hold. According to her, only “very big actresses”, who can “hide (their) bodies”, continue to act during pregnancy. “But I'm not at that level in the cinema and that doesn't allow me to be able to act while I'm pregnant,” explained Camille Lellouche, before adding: “That could come one day. » She said that before pregnancy she was able to “work a lot”, which allowed her to “not work for nine months”. Far from the usual maternity leave, she returned to work only ten days after giving birth, “because she had to go back to earn a living”, she admitted. “We are looking for a lot of women,” concluded interpreter Jacqueline at Le Dindon.

Camille Lellouche happy thanks to her daughter

For the release of her book, Camille Lellouche spoke with Le Parisien. She especially explained why she wanted to dedicate this autobiographical work to her daughter Alma: “I want to protect her first. But this book is both for my audience and for the people who will discover me. » “It's just a story about a woman to whom both great and somewhat sad things happen, but she survives,” she explained. Since becoming a mother, the singer looks at life differently. “The fact that I had a daughter made me happy, it calmed me down, I am very anxious by nature,” assured the woman, who also remains very discreet about the identity of her daughter's father.

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