Christophe Noppe: “Career choice” – News

Since 2020, Christophe Noppe exhibits the colors of French structures. After three years at Sport-Vlaanderen Baloise, the Belgian spent three seasons at Arkéa-Samsic, and is currently in his second year at Cofidis. “I'm already used to racing in the French team. It's a different mentality than in Belgium. It's going well, I feel at home. After Arkée, I decided to go to Cofidis. For me it was progress, yes, don't hesitate”, he confides. is in front of the DirectVela microphone from Ypres, in West Flanders, while, let's recall, the structure was designed by Breton back in the Second World Division, unlike Cofidis.

In the Northern World Team, the 29-year-old athlete has a well-defined role. “I am here mainly to protect my leaders. I feel comfortable in this role as a teammate. It's a career choice.” During the Étoile de Bessèges he protected Anthony Perez. “I'm with him all day, I give him canned goods, protect him from the wind and put him at the foot of the bumps.” He also has to take sprints. Every now and then he gets his chance during the final race as was the case at Nokere Koerse last year, where he took a place in the Top 10 (see standings). “Mostly, I have a good burst of speed,” recalls the fourth in the 2022 Tour de Vendée.

Christophe Noppe also has the role of guide on Belgian classics. “I have a lot of experience. I know all the classical courses. This is my fortune. I will be with Axel Zingle who can play an important role.” On the other hand, he has not yet participated in any Grand Tour. “If there has to be one this year, it could be the Vuelta, but we haven't discussed it too much yet.”

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