Funny science or how to intelligently satisfy company employees

Entrepreneurship – funny science or how to intelligently satisfy company employees

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A proven concept that appeals to CSEs and HR managers

In 2007, the concept was introduced in France. It very quickly attracted individuals, schools and municipalities, but also companies (HRD and CSE) to organize events for employees' families, especially for “Corporate Parenting Days” and especially Children's Christmas. With COVID, the company is reorganizing; is closing down its individual activities, moving its headquarters to Pornic (Loire Atlantique) while keeping its teams on the Ile de France and focusing on large corporate events, namely Christmas trees

Partnership with Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie de Paris

In 2019, the activity changes scale thanks to the partnership with the Cité: every year the company privatizes 5000 m2 of the Cité des Sciences conference center to install its CHRISTMAS SCIE-TAS-TIQUE during the 2 first weekends of December. In this area, it offers different shows adapted to each age group: 0-5 years, dolls and fairs, 3-12 years, science show and space travel, teenagers, police investigation to decipher scientific police techniques.

Let's add a show intended for parents of teenagers as well as employees without children. The 4 shows run in parallel, allowing each family to split between the different activities as they wish. In addition, several options are offered to accompany these performances: multi-CSE or privatized snacks, PASSES to visit the Cité des sciences exhibition for the rest of the day, unique gifts that allow children to extend their discovery of science when they return home.

An original and unusual activity for CSE

Science is a unifying theme that allows each age group to be approached in a different way. A theme that also enables the development of interactivity with children regardless of their age. A topic that also appeals to parents, satisfied with shows that, at least once, talk to the neurons of their children. A topic that also attracts CSE and general management, delighted to be able to contribute in this fun way to the preparation of future generations for the challenges that await them.

The icing on the cake, to help companies carry out this event among employees, Drouille de Science has developed an online registration platform that allows each employee to build their own tailor-made event, adapted to the wishes and expectations of each person. members of his family. After that, he will receive a digital ticket on his mobile phone for a day that promises to be truly unforgettable.

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