Here are 10 jobs that the whole world dreams of

If you could decide to start your professional career over, what would your dream job be? Jobseeker, a global site specializing in job offers, has taken an interest in the most sought-after occupations in the world. Thus, he analyzed the scope of searches related to employment and questions arising from it, such as “how to become… a lawyer, a doctor, a fireman”. Here are the main lessons from this study as reported by the Daily Mail.

French women discover how to become a model

The result allows you to see which professions are most in demand in terms of careers in the world, but also for each country. At the top of the list is the profession of pilot, popular in a total of 55 countries, including Portugal, Japan, Kenya, India and Saudi Arabia. The query “how to become a pilot” was entered 50,000 times on the Internet in January 2024 and was the first in 55 countries of the world. Does working in the air keep you busy? The fact is that the job of a flight attendant ranks second among dream jobs. With 29,000 searches, it tops the results in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Niger and the Dominican Republic. On the other hand, no country in Europe is thinking of going down this path.

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On the old continent, we dream of becoming… models. This highly selective career choice ranks first among the requirements in France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Romania. Other non-European countries were also affected: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey and Indonesia. This study shows the continued strong appeal of occupations in the medical sector. The profession of psychologist is in first place in research in Australia and Kazakhstan. In the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, knowing how to become a doctor excites the masses. Widely followed on social networks, the careers of influencers or YouTubers are the dream of young people.

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Argentinians dream of stoves

The search for “how to become an influencer” is a hit in Colombia, Venezuela, South Africa and Turkmenistan. In Estonia and Uruguay, the YouTuber's occupation is what attracts attention. The profession of professor has a hellish rating in Eastern Europe (Belarus, Russia and Ukraine). The professions of firefighter and entrepreneur are also in the top 10 most desirable professions.

This study also presents some surprising findings, with some countries standing out for their uniqueness. Do Moldovans have a detective series that is a hit at home? There, the detective profession is at the top of the desirable professions. China, although not known as a country of media freedom, prioritizes the profession of journalists in its requirements. In Argentina, becoming a great chef visibly fascinates the population. When we talk about football and South America, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay immediately come to mind. Fewer Paraguayans whose residents dream of being… soccer coaches.

10 most desirable jobs in the world:

1 – Pilot / 50,000 searches in January 2024

2 – Stewardess / 29,000

3 – Model / 25,000

4 – Psychologist / 17,000

5 – Influencer / 17,000

6 – Doctor / 15,000

7 – Teacher / 14,000

8 – Lawyer / 14,000

9 – Firefighter / 14,000

10 – Entrepreneur / 13,000

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