“I was thinking about ending my career”

After sinking into the abyss last season, Grison slowly regained his confidence this winter to finally sit back on the podium during the final in Saalbach. Reaction.

Thomas Tumler pulled off a bit of a surprise by finishing 3rd at the last major of the season in Saalbach on Saturday. The result is all the more impressive because Grison almost put away his skis a year ago. But his father's sound advice convinced him that he must continue. An excellent decision by a skier who, at the age of 34, enters the 3rd podium in his career.

“I briefly thought about ending my career, it's true. The odds just weren't good. If I hadn't managed to finish among the top 25 to go to the finals in Andorra last season, I would have stopped,” the skier who competed in his first World Cup in Bansko in 2012 told us. His father advised him not to make such a decision when he is at the bottom of the abyss. “That motivated me.”

Newfound confidence

This winter, skier Samnauna continued with more confidence and more consistency. And it paid off for him, with the best season of his career. Especially since February, he hasn't finished outside the top 10 in a major in 5 races, even finishing at the foot of the podium twice. “I tried to ski with more consistency. And with good results, I gained confidence and knew that in the end anything is possible. I had a lot of confidence in myself and my equipment.” Which did not prevent him from having tears in the finish area on Saturday. “I've been away from the podium for so long, and now to end the season like this, it's incredible,” he said, moved.

At 34, experience is perhaps his greatest asset. “I often set up obstacles for myself. But I feel like I've found a good balance between speed and stability, I can get my ski to the finish line,” said the man who a few seasons ago had the unfortunate tendency to often quit mid-race.

The beginning of a second career

In the shape of his life, he no longer thinks about putting his skis away in the closet. At least not for long. “I feel very good right now. And Thomas Fanara was older than me when he reached his last podium as a giant. Johan Clarey even more so. So I have time. Now I'm starting my second career!” he was laughing.

The timing of this podium and the place, in the Austrian resort where next year's World Championship will be held, could not have been better chosen. “A medal at the World Championships is obviously the goal. But I don't want to force anything. Next season I will do the same as this winter: have fun skiing and attack.” The next sensation in Saalbach 2025?


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