Justin Bieber can aspire to a career in ice hockey!

Fortunately for him, Justin Bieber has achieved his childhood dream. He tried ice hockey with a professional team!

It is very possible that Justin Bieber is embarking on a new project related to ice hockey. Namely, the singer recently confided that he fell in love with playing this very intense sport.

Justin Bieber is focusing on the important things again

It's been a few years since Justin Bieber became an international star. Although he has an amazing career in the music world, he decided to take a break, much to the dismay of his fans.

At the time, a source told RadarOnline.com about the singer, “Justin has been feeling down with the world for a while now. And fame weighs heavily on him.”

Before adding: “Even his PSY says that if what he's doing makes him unhappy, he needs to make the tough decision to put it aside. Justin Bieber thinks that the pressure of the music business is not good for him.

And reveal: “He just wants to disappear with Hailey and use her money”. For his part, Justin Bieber also confided that his family is very important to him. He wants to devote himself to his wife and loved ones.

If the singer is still very attached to music, he decided to leave the show. Especially since he had facial paralysis. Because of the latter, he also canceled several concerts.

While fans of Justin Bieber are waiting for a new album, it seems that the young man has decided to embark on another very different career. Indeed, he discovered a real passion for ice hockey.

“He was funny”

Justin Bieber's page on the Eliteprospect site also attracted a lot of people. In just 24 hours, 128,000 visitors decided to go to his famous site. A real surprise.

If the singer had the right to his own page on a specialized site, it is for good reason. He participated in the NHL All-Star game. On February 3, in Toronto, Justin Bieber took the position of “celebrity captain”.

And this, for team Matthew. Although he did not pass the official match, the singer still took part in the warm-up with the professional team. And the least we can say is that he liked the experience.

In an interview with ESPN, Justin Bieber said, “I loved the experience. I dreamed about it since I was a child.” He is not the only one who loved this incredible moment spent during the game.

This is especially the case with Mitch Marner, one of the hockey players. He explained to the NHL site: “He was on fire! When I found out we were on the same team, I knew they were going to tell us we were going to win.”

Before he also mentioned Justin Bieber: “He was funny. He wanted to keep us calm and in control and didn't panic when we were behind today.”

One thing is for sure, Justin Bieber had a really amazing time.

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