Laurent Petitguillaume was relieved after ending his TV career: “I never liked it”

His career is long and fruitful, between stage, radio and television. Laurent Petitguillaume spoke about the end of his television career to the newspaper France Dimanche which was published this Friday, March 1st. “I wanted to be an actor or work in music, not necessarily a musician, but why not a music journalist. Until the day I followed a friend on the radio and I was seduced. So I joined La Voix du l├ęzard in 1983. a small Parisian radio station, a little trendy,” he recounted his youthful aspirations. This modern radio station then became Skyrock.

Now at the age of 64, Laurent Petitguillaume, who revealed that he had plastic surgery, did not hesitate to express his open and honest feelings about his television career. “When I was offered to work on television in 1990, I quit after six months because I didn't like it!”, he revealed and added: “We spend our time waiting, we have to undergo retouching, make-up, hair, reshoots. , etc. And then I hated seeing myself in the picture. Well, I did it again afterwards, even a lot, but I never liked it.”

Laurent Petitguillaume, radio operator

If he revealed that before working in the media he was making a very good living as a shoe salesman, the presenter explained that his time at the future Skyrock Radio – first as a volunteer – gave him a call: “I prefer radio, it's live, let's go for it. And when it's over, it's over. TV, I never dreamed! Besides, on Much Different, when it stopped, I said, 'Whoah!' and you can ask everybody in Paris. I never tried to go back there.” Today, the discreet man made it known in the media that he is grateful to be able to live from his passion and to have found a balance between stage and radio: “Life has offered me great roles. I love being on stage, it's really my thing. Besides, I always told my friends: 'You'll see, when I'm old, I'll be an actor!' I knew I would make it. Between radio and comedy, I found a good balance.” A nice life for one who served on the most beautiful radio stations in France.

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