Norbert Tarayre looks back on the day he falsified his CV to launch his career

This Sunday, February 18, Norbert Tarayre was one of Laurence Boccolini's guests on his show TV kids broadcast on France 2. An opportunity for a former candidate A top chef to look back on the day he falsified his resume so he could seduce France's greatest chefs.

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Like every Sunday, Laurence Boccolini is in charge of his show TV kids is broadcast on France 2. On set, he welcomes guests to look back on their careers, discovering iconic or unexpected sequences along the way. This Sunday, February 18, the former host The weak link on TF1 he was able to talk to a group of stars, including Sylvie Vartan, who announced a farewell tour. The last meeting she arranged for her fans will take place on three dates next November, at the Dôme de Paris. The ex-wife of Johnny Hallyday was not the only person present on the set. Norbert Tarayre he was also there to re-discover the images of his participation, in 2012, in the third season A top chef on the M6.

TV kids : Norbert Tarayre did not hesitate to lie to start his career

During the show, Laurence Boccolini addressed him directly to take back the biggest lie of his career. “Norbert, you are a master of lying. For example, you lied on your chef resume. How could you lie? When you're a chef, you can't lie on your resume because you'll be forced to do things later!” she told him. To which he reacted: “I came back from England, nobody wanted me because I did my training in England, a somewhat wild formation. I had no cooking qualifications in France. Nobody wanted me“.

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Norbert Tarayre: CV forged with the name of a chef he actually worked with

And to continue: “I took the Michelin guide, the red guide and I forged my resume of the greatest chefs of the time (…) and when I got to Bernard Loiseau, his chef saw my resume and said: 'I'll hire you right away.' So they hired me because I falsified my resume. Except Bernard called all the bosses. Of the number of chefs I listed, only one was true, it was a chef I worked with in England. I realized that the three star level in France is very, very difficult“.

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