Pierre (Star Academy) touched by a surprising message from the great name of French song

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This Saturday, February 10, Pierre was a guest C weekly. While he came to talk about his career and victory at star academy Edition 2023, the young man was pleasantly surprised by Michel Jonasz himself.

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After three months of competition and learning, there star academy ended with an incredible finale in which Julien faced off against Pierre. It was Norman who received his trophy from the hands of the previous season's winner, Anisha, after receiving 55.6% of the vote. This evening was especially marked by Dadja, who interrupted their duet so that he could perform his composition The ones we werea vivid moment that marked his comrades and the public.

The best of your bonuses

On February 5, Pierre overthrew Julien. And if this marked the end of his stay in the castle, it is above all the beginning of a new adventure. Immediately after the victory Star AcademyHéléna's assistant shared his first impressions and said to the camera: “I still don't understand it. I admit, I had the best premiere of my life there.” Then he addressed those who were part of his life for three months: “I dedicate it to everyone with whom we spent this adventure. Whether they stayed here… (twelve) magnificent. Teachers, coaches… Everyone! Technicians who worked with us, musicians. Honestly, I didn't win alone (… ) I'd just like to thank them. No, but it's true. You gave me a lot. I came home a bit shy. And here I am, finally a grown-up . I learned a lot thanks to you. Thank you.”

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Nice surprise

Since his victory, Pierre has been doing TV shows as well as interviews. This did not stop him from quickly presenting the studio version The ones we were. This Saturday, February 10, the young man was on the set C weekly. Aurélie Casse looked back on her journey and talked about her performance at I wanted to tell you that I'm waiting for you by Michel Jonasz. The journalist asked him what the chief thought about this recovery. The winner confided that he knew nothing about it. A good way to launch the surprise that the production has reserved for him since Michel Jonasz sent him a video message congratulating him. The artist then stated: “Pierre, I wanted to thank you for choosing this song and singing it so well. I am very honored. First of all, of course, I congratulate you on your victory and I wish you a very good and very long career, that's what counts. This is what you deserve. I hope we may have a chance to cross paths, congratulations again.” Very nice message!

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