Rennes: after a career in commerce, Linda became an artistic craftsman

Brian Le Goff
Posted on February 15, 24 at 7:46 am

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A concentrated expression or a sincere smile, Linda Morel's face reflects her work: hard at times, but satisfying when the task is completed. “It requires investment, because it is physical. »

“Pure Rennes” has been back in the Breton capital for some time to practice the profession she discovered late in life. She became an artistic craftsman, more precisely a furniture upholsterer.

Today, she has set up her workshop on the floor of the Les Co'Peint concept store, in the Route de Lorient area, west of Rennes.

Linda Morel working with the buttoning technique.
Linda Morel working with the buttoning technique. (©Brian Le Goff / news Rennes)

Overlooking the store, which offers workshops for furniture customization and renovation, Linda takes care of the Bouroullec brothers' Ploum couch that day.

There, for example, I stretch the fabric in the shape of a sofa using the buttoning technique, on the surface of which buttons are embedded that create its original shape.

Linda MorelArtisan, upholsterer

It is therefore able to restore all types of seats such as chairs, armchairs, but also custom-made benches or even window coverings, such as fabric window frames or curtains.

A career in commerce

But before she found herself in this workshop where she feels happy, Linda Morel had the opportunity to travel the whole world: Réunion, London, Southeast Asia, Australia… “You have to love what we do. »

She started her career in customer relations before moving into commercial consulting, eventually becoming a furniture consultant for major brands.

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In Sydney I went to school of decoration and design. But I continued in the field by becoming a sales representative for professionals. The company I worked for went bankrupt. After much thought, I told myself it was time to retrain.

Linda MorelArtisan, upholsterer

Therefore, she attended Afpa in Chartres for retraining. She continued her professionalization a little later with an internship under the mentorship of Christophe Harivel, the best worker in France, at the Boulle school in Paris. “You have to train constantly,” she believes.

Traditional and contemporary catering

It is in this context that Rennaise can tackle traditional hospitality as well as more modern ones.

“I'm on a Bourroulec brothers three-seater, but I also have, among other things, a Louis XV-style folding armchair. on which I have to redo the seat”, he illustrates.

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In this new profession, what she values ​​above all is the freedom of creativity she can have: “I didn't want to be a seamstress on a conveyor belt. » Finally, he recognizes his responsibility in “working on items that have sentimental value”. “It's part of my values,” she concludes.

Web page. Atelier M Arti, Industrial Zone, 1A rue Jean Lemaistre, Rue de Lorient, in Rennes.

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