“The children ruined my career”: Lily Allen threw a stone into the pond

The other side of the coin. After a prolific start to her career, Lily Allen has been less and less on stage and on red carpets since becoming a mother in 2011. In an episode of the Radio Times podcast that airs this Tuesday, March 12 on Apple Music, the 38-year-old singer is back, not without humor. , with her difficulties in combining professional life and motherhood. Because if she explains that she never had a “career strategy”, the Fuck You interpreter is sure of one thing: “Yes, my children ruined my career.” Here, the British star does not question the love she has for her two daughters, Ethel Mary and Marnie Rose – born in 2011 and 2013, respectively, from the union with Sam Cooper, from whom she divorced in 2018 – and assures that she flourishes in contact with them. But “as far as fame is concerned”, their coming into the world “screwed everything up”.

Annoyed by those who assure that a combination of parenthood and star life is possible, the one whose real name is Lily Rose Beatrice Harbor Allen, for her part, claims that “it's not like that”. “Some people choose their career over their children and that's their right,” she explains in a podcast produced by a British magazine.

Lily Allen at the antipode of the family pattern

If the career sacrifice was not easy, the life choice of the mother imposed itself on her. And for a reason, she who now lives in New York with David Harbor (the star of the Netflix series Stranger Things) – whom she married in 2020 – suffered greatly due to the “absence” of her own parents. After her father, actor Keith Allen, left home – when Lily Allen was four – her mother, film producer Alison Owen, immersed herself in work to support her children. “I think deep down I was mad at him for not being there,” the singer who became famous in 2006 under the title Smile confided to us. Although she is aware that this burden is the only way to raise them properly, Lily Allen did not want to reproduce the same family pattern, and “wanted to be a real mother” and devote herself to her girls as much as possible.

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