The film that launched a major sci-fi franchise is now available on Prime Video

Directed by Roland Emmerich (Independence Day), this iconic film with James Spader (Black list on Netflix) and Kurt Russell (Fast and furious) has joined the Prime Video catalog. An opportunity to immerse yourself in a science fiction universe based on interplanetary travel to the four corners of the galaxy.

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More than thirty years ago, Stargate, stargate it was released in cinemas in France. The public then discovered one of the first sci-fi works of Roland Emmerich, the German-American director to whom we owe his successes Godzilla (1998), Independence Day or even more recently The fall of the moon (2022). The story goes like this: In 1994, Egyptologist Daniel Jackson was able to decipher the meaning of a stone and steel ring discovered twenty years earlier. What he has just discovered is actually the famous Stargate, an interplanetary transport device that will serve as his springboard for all the adventures of the iconic franchise. The film is now available on Prime Video.

Stargate, stargate : the film before the cult series

Influence of Stargate SG-1 In the 2000s, it was such that we almost forget the legacy of the first film. The latter is constructed as a clever mix of space adventure and Egyptian mythology. Egyptologist Daniel Jackson (played by James Spader), rejected by his colleagues for his crazy theories, is eventually contacted by the US Army to be part of the crew of a unique expedition led by Colonel Jonathan O'Neil (Kurt Russell). After crossing the stargate, they encounter a new civilization, as incredibly advanced as it is archaic.

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2.7 million entries for Stargate, stargate In France

In France, this spectacular film attracted almost 2.7 million viewers after its screening. Meanwhile, the special effects are also of good quality, with several scenes that are spectacular to say the least. This is not surprising when we know that the film's props and visual tricks were made by Len Wiseman, the director behind the screenplay forUnderground (2003) and creation Die Hard 4. Since Emmerich's 1994 film, two more feature films have been released, as well as ten seasons of the series. Stargate SG-1five salvos of Stargate of Atlantis and two television films. Despite Amazon Studios' desire to reboot the franchise, no project has yet come to fruition.

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