The thermal Mercedes A-class will continue its career

Good news, the Mercedes A-Class remains in the catalog, at least until 2026. We explain all about it in our article!


  • The Mercedes range, with at least ten models, is moving towards partial electrification by 2030.

  • Class A, originally planned to be abolished, is maintained until 2026 thanks to a strategy adjustment.

  • After 2026, the new CLA will replace the A-Class, offering thermal, plug-in hybrid and electric options.

Currently, and for several years now, the Mercedes offer is full. And it's not likely to stop anytime soon.

Delay for Mercedes A-classes

It has at least ten models, from the A-Class to the V-Class, including the CLA and another E-Class, among others. A well-developed catalog for a star manufacturer, which is also looking to electrify in the coming years. Indeed, the German company planned to focus on the rapid electrification of its fleet, with the ambitious goal of selling only zero- or nearly zero-emission models by 2030 in Europe. However, the star brand has recently adjusted its vision, now aiming to electrify around 50% of its vehicles (including plug-in hybrid models) by 2030. This strategy review has affected the lifespan of the A-Class. In an unexpected twist, Mercedes-Benz has decided to extend the career of its current compact and rethink its plans for a small car offering. While the German manufacturer initially planned to simplify its offer by removing the A and B classes, it has now decided to keep the A class on the market until 2026.

Mercedes A Class: currently saved

The fourth generation of the A-Class will therefore continue to be available to customers until 2026. This compact model, appreciated for its elegant design and dynamic performance, still has a bright future ahead of it. English journalists from Autocar confirmed this news, noting that the car will remain an attractive choice for drivers looking for a premium car in the C segment. But what will happen after 2026? The answer lies in the new CLA. This replacement for the A-Class will offer a more diverse range of engines. Customers will be able to choose between traditional thermal engines, plug-in hybrids and 100% electric models. The CLA will be built on the unique MMA (Mercedes Modular Architecture) platform and should embody the future of sustainable mobility. Autocar also reports that the CLA's M282 four-cylinder thermal engine will be produced by Geely, the Chinese manufacturer that owns 10% of Mercedes-Benz and 51% of Smart.

The manufacturer should therefore continue with the heat path for at least a few years.

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