Towards the end of exploitation of the Mandolfa quarry in Ghjuncagh?

The company Corse Travaux, a subsidiary of the company Eurovia (Vinci group), has been managing the Mandolfa quarry located in the Ghjuncaghju municipality for 20 years.

This is a quarry for the extraction of mineral resources with the aim of producing hot and cold asphalt, approved by the Prefectural Decree of July 20, 2004.

The granted authorization covers a maximum production of 135,000 tons per year, over a period of 20 years. A quarry that also borders the old Olivella quarry, which was also operated by Corse Travaux until 2011. In short, the company naturally asked for the renewal of its work since it expires on July 24. He also wants to expand the authorized perimeter to the north.

In order to motivate the acceptance of the renovation of the Mandolfa quarry, the company Corse Travaux cites “the need for alluvial siliceous materials extracted in the quarry to supply the processing plant and the asphalt plant in the neighboring location of Casaperta”, can we read in the opinion of the National Council for the Protection of Nature (CNPN ) from 04.12.2023.

Endangered animal species

As every time a prefectural decree refers to works in a natural area, the CNPN is responsible for issuing an opinion. In the case of the Mandolfa site, the first opinion is unfavorable for the continuation of work. An attitude motivated by the presence of animal species. Here we are talking about the “further reduction in the area of ​​presence and habitat of species with a strong cumulative impact in Corsica, which are, among others, the tortoise, the dubious gladiolus, the pond turtle, the big goat, CNPN details. In the current state of incompleteness of the file, CNPN cannot confirm the maintenance good conservation status of protected species to which the request for exemption applies.”

Taking these observations into account, “CNPN issues an unfavorable opinion on this exemption request and awaits details of general site and sector issues at a larger scale, plot history and management measures applied to the entire career. The newly completed dossier is subject to re-passage through CNPN,” it states. in the document.

The decision is due to several factors, particularly the proposal for an inappropriate compensation zone and the unsatisfactory measures regarding the loggerhead turtle that need to be clarified.

We tried to get in touch with the headquarters of the Corse Travaux company located in Aleria, but despite multiple calls, our requests remained unanswered. Then the question arises. If the Mandolf quarry were to stop working permanently, what consequences would it have for society?

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