Alexandra Lamy reacted to the words of her mother's friend who told her that she would never have a career

This Sunday, March 17, Alexandra Lamy was a guest on Laurent Delahousse's show 20:30 Sunday. During this interview, the actress responded to the comments of an ENT friend of her mother who told her when she was younger that she would never be able to pursue a career in the theater because of her voice.

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Alexandra Lamy proved her wrong! This Sunday, March 17, the actress was a guest on Laurent Delahousse's show 20:30 Sunday to promote his next film Green promise, a project dedicated to environmental protection. During the show, the presenter asked her to react to the words of her mother's friend ORL, who had predicted her professional future very sadly. “With your voice you will never be able to act theater”this person told him during his youth. “What a disaster! It was terrible! But really, I was 16 years old, I had just started the conservatory and she said to me: 'You will never be able to do theater, you have this veil, it's impossible'she recalled on set.

“It's terrible to say that to someone whose dream it is!”Alexandra Lamy returns to the discouraging words of her mother's friend

Alexandra Lamy assured then “that we don't need to listen to anyone” especially about his ambitions. “It's terrible to say that to someone whose dream it is! It's terrible and luckily I didn't listen to him. I said to myself: 'No, it's a shame, I'll continue'she shared with Laurent Delahousse, and added: “And then I did theater!” The presenter then listed the incredible experience of his guest: 25 years of career, 53 films and seven series, ten plays. “A quick greeting to ORL and we tell him that two or three little things really happened”concluded the presenter.

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“It was hard”Alexandra Lamy tells us about her move to Paris to become an actress

However, this is not the only obstacle that Alexandra Lamy had to face during her career. Indeed, when the actress moved to Paris to undergo as many castings as possible, her southern accent was not well received by the professionals. “And when I acted, I no longer had an accent. So they told me at the casting: 'No, but wait, speak in life, keep playing'. It was also a way for them to find me.”she said in the story about 20:30 Sunday. The actress also confided that this period of her life was not easy. “It was hard… And then, I got there, I have an accent, I come from a small town and suddenly I arrived in Paris. I didn't know anyone, it was completely crazy”, she concluded.

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