“Fortunately, I didn't listen to him”: Alexandra Lamy recalls the doctor's terrible sentence about her acting career

By Louise Martin | Editor

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Invited on Sunday at 20:30 as part of the promotion of her new feature film, Alexandra Lamy returned to the terrible punishment given to her by an ENT doctor who was a friend of her mother when she was still a teenager.

Guest of Laurent Delahousse on Sunday at 20:30, Alexandra Lamy returned to the very harsh words of the doctor who did not see that he had a career in comedy. © France 2, 20:30 Sunday

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The iconic face of the news on France 2, Laurent Delahousse is the incarnation of the news at 20:00 on France 2 every weekend since 2007. For several years, the journalist also inherited the presentation of two weekly papers on the public channel, at 20:30. on Saturday and 20:30 on Sunday. In this second show, Laurent Delahousse welcomes several personalities from the world of culture every week. On Sunday, March 17, 2024, the host welcomed one of the important figures of French cinema, Alexandru Lamy, to his set. Discovered to the general public in the short humorous fiction Guy, Girl in the early 2000s, the actress then followed a series of fictions and successes, whether on the small or big screen. He will also star in a new feature film called The Green Promise, which is set to hit theaters on Wednesday, March 27, 2024.

Currently, Alexandra Lamy has one of the best filmographies in French comedy. Equally comfortable in the comedic register as she is in the drama, the actress has perfectly known how to break away from her iconic role in A Guy a Girl over the years. However, some did not believe in his success at all at first. When she was still a teenager, an ENT doctor, who was also a friend of her mother, was convinced that she would never pursue a career in comedy for a simple reason. “You'll never be able to act with your voice,” he told her. A small sentence that deeply marked Alexandra Lamy. “It was terrible. I was 16 years old, I had just started the conservatory and she told me that. Like, you don't have to listen to anyone,” the actress said at first.

Alexandra Lamy: 25 years of career, 53 films, 7 series, 10 plays

“It's terrible to say that to someone whose dream it is. It's terrible. And luckily, I didn't listen to him. I continued, I worked in theater and then…” Alexandra Lamy then added. “In response to this announced 'non-career', we'll just look at your filmography since then,” Laurent Delahousse then replied, before revealing the various posters of the films Alexandra Lamy has appeared in so far. “25 years of career, 53 films, 7 series, 10 plays. A small greeting for ORL”, added the journalist to make a point.

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