Young people exposed to science at a shopping center in Winnipeg

A fun activity at Place Kildonan Shopping Center on Sunday allowed youngsters to discover and learn about electrical engineering and geology.

Participants could stimulate their imagination through the assembly and construction of structures. They also revived objects made of uranium plates.

The initiative, led by the Manitoba Association of Engineers and Geoscientists, aims to encourage youth interest in science careers.

Young people must understand that they can have a career. Building planes, bridges and searching for important minerals that will help us in the future in the green economy and life in generalaccording to geologist-in-training and volunteer Chris Watters.

Chris Watters stands in front of the poster.

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Geologist-in-training and volunteer Chris Watters explains that by fostering an interest in science among young people, Manitoba will be able to guarantee the next generation of science careers.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Simon Deschamps

Manitoba has more than 9,000 professional and engineer-in-training and geoscientists. For Chris Watters, preparing the next generation in science is important.

There will be a great need for engineers and geoscientists in the province and around the worldhe says.

Several parents attended the activity to observe their children's heroics up close.

Science is important, it opens doors to several fieldsunderscores Liliose Neche.

You know, they are so young that there are few activities that are likely to pique their interest in the futurenotes Matthew Wolff.

To further stimulate scientific interest among young people, the Manitoba Association of Engineers and Geoscientists will organize a spaghetti bridge building competition. More than 1000 students are expected.

With information from Simon Deschamps

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