The autonomy of political science at the center of a public conference

The Law and Political Science Laboratory (LDSP) of the Thomas Sankara University (UTS) organized a public conference on Saturday 16 March 2024 at the Joseph KI ZERBO University in Ouagadougou on “Political Science: An Autonomous Discipline? “. It was led mainly by Professor Marie BOKA, Associate Professor of Political Science at Félix Houphouët-Boigny University in Abidjan. The activity was carried out by the “Political Sociology and Public Action” research team under the leadership of Professor Abdoul Karim SAIDOU.

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Masters, PhD students and teachers of political science spoke with prof. Marie BOKA on the topic of strengthening political science as a scientific discipline after her presentation on that topic. Two dimensions emerge from the analysis of Maria BOKA's topic: the substantive dimension and the sociological dimension.

According to her, the first dimension refers to the state and the manifestation of political power, the objects of political science study. He notes that political science does not have a monopoly on this dimension because other disciplines such as public law, history, sociology, etc. have the same subjects of study.

It ends with the transversality of political science. The sociological dimension refers to the structuring of the community of researchers in the discipline. She believes that it is necessary to create a critical mass that can leave its mark. It is obvious that political science does not have its own subject of study, but according to Marie BOKA, it can demand its autonomy through the “scientific method”.

This method has been more or less confirmed by the scientific community, especially CAMES, which in 2009 accepted the “separation of political science from public law”, informs the speaker of the day. Just like her peers, she calls for this autonomy of the discipline in relation to other disciplines, especially law, but admits that “political science is a young discipline” and that we must seek this autonomy by conducting “interdisciplinary projects”, while creating or consolidating a critical mass of political science .

After his presentation, students and teachers spoke with Professor Marie BOKA who was accompanied to the presidium by Dr. Habibou FOFANA and Professor Abdoul Karim SAIDOU. This year, UFR/SJP welcomed its seventh class of masters and first PhDs in political sciences. He could hire “his first L3 students” starting next school year.

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