he is not ready to end his television career

Author: Alex Petit

– Posted on March 17, 2024 at 4:41 p.m.

Michel Drucker's Longevity Television Record. The leader is not thinking about retirement, despite his fragile health. But he turns down tempting offers on the orders of his doctors. We will explain everything to you.

Michel Drucker after heart surgeryMichel Drucker after heart surgery

  • Michel Drucker after heart surgery

    Michel Drucker is 81 years old.

  • Michel Drucker is not ready to end his television career

    He is on the set of Vivement Dimanche.

  • Michel Drucker looks towards his future

    He doesn't want to retire.

Michel Drucker spoke on Sunday March 17, 2024 in the columns of the newspaper Le Parisien. Despite a career approaching 70 years in the service of the small screen, he still has no plans to retire. The cult leader of the French audiovisual landscape therefore continues to host the emblematic family show Vivement Dimanche on France 3. However, his health is unfortunately not in a good state. The heart problems he had a few years ago forced him to live a very strict lifestyle. Between sports, healthy food, quality sleep and regular treatment, Michel Drucker is in top form on the set of his show.

Michel Drucker is not retiring, but he says no to Léa Salamè

Despite this draconian lifestyle, Michel Drucker has to take care of himself. At the age of 81, the animator can no longer burden himself with work as before. Because of this, he turned down an offer to co-host a talk show broadcast on France Télévisions during the 2024 Olympics with Léo Salamé. When the news was announced this summer, the latter told TV Mag: “I am very honored and very happy.” I didn't expect it at all when they called me to tell me about it. I could never imagine that! Five years ago, if someone had told me that I would be doing a show with Michel Drucker, I wouldn't have believed it. It's a dream, it's like having your own Rolex! »

Michel Drucker is in fragile health and listens to his doctors

Unfortunately, Léa Salamé's dream will not come true. Michel Drucker decides not to follow this suggestion. Not for lack of desire, but to preserve his fragile health. Interrupting his fitness routine risks putting him in danger. Furthermore, these doctors strictly forbid it. However, the legendary presenter has a small idea in mind, as he explains to a journalist from Le Parisien: “Unfortunately, I will not be able to be there, because the doctors forbid me.” I'll try to see if I can't get into the head first. It would be a wonderful symbol, being the last survivor of the Tokyo Olympics sixty years ago. »

The legendary presenter will be on the air in 10 years

Despite refusing to co-host a series of talk shows during the Olympics, Michel Drucker continues to reflect on his career: “As long as the audience is there and as long as my bosses are happy with me, I will continue. In ten years I will be only 91 years old! » As the comments still collected in the columns of Le Parisien show. For many French people, Michel Drucker is a full member of the family. Every Sunday, he is a privileged guest in many homes. Many of his fans must be looking forward to this possibility.

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